Yes, it’s early to think about Christmas you’re probably thinking. You’re not alone actually. This is the perfect time of year to take advantage of all things related to your holiday shopping and tackle your Christmas list. This is a great time of year to grab some friends, take the short drive to Waterdown and enjoy leisurely time at the Dutch Mill Country Market. You will have fun shopping and can even enjoy a home-cooked lunch in the Tea Room.

Shopping earlier will avoid the holiday crowds, the bad weather and you’ll find a parking space without a problem. With most retailers, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas already and the Dutch Mill is no different and also ready to welcome you. If you shop soon, you can take advantage of the thin crowds, read: small lines at the cash register which will make your outing that much more enjoyable. Some people find that shopping early helps them stick to their budget and enables them to take advantage of any sales that may be unadvertised because retailers may need to clear their shelves for more merchandise.

Most will agree that “stress” shopping will lead to bad decisions and budgets tossed out the window. Try not to delay your Christmas shopping. You’ve made your list and determined your spending limit. If you get out there, you will avoid the stress of the crowds and finding the perfect gifts. If you go to the Dutch Mill Country Mill Market, you can enjoy your shopping experience with the perfect Christmas shopping destination. A market type setting is perfect for all your Christmas shopping. You can purchase everything including clothing as a gift or for yourself, unique home decor to suit anyone’s tastes that everyone will appreciate for years to come. Yes, you could go to a big box store, but the Dutch Mill Country Market offers so much more and their Christmas displays are something you can enjoy.

By shopping early, you can make plans to do other things. You can go to holiday parties, even host a party or take part in other Christmas activities that you haven’t time to enjoy in years past. How about taking the time to decorate your house? While you’re at the Dutch Mill, pick up beautiful housewares and home décor to get you Christmas ready. This also the time to enjoy Christmas treats while you’re wrapping presents. If you have stuck to your list and budget and completed most of the shopping and tasks early, chances are you will make this year a Christmas season to remember.

Your early Christmas shopping trip will be an enjoyable experience. Finish your list and treat yourself to a little something. You can go to the Deli and pick up platters to help with your entertaining needs while you are there. Or you can call ahead and have it ready for you. From fashion to jewelry to Christmas décor the Dutch Mill Country Market is here to help.

Dutch Mill Country Market
533 Millgrove Sideroad RR #2
(905) 689-7253

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